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About eGov

eGov Pty Ltd was established in March 2006 with the business purpose of promoting acceptance and use of the internet as a platform for Government to Government/Business/Community service delivery in order to improve:
  • equity and equality of access to government services
  • time to market for new government programs
  • speed and quality of program services
  • efficiency and governance of government service delivery programs.
Our success is measured in terms of the success of our clients and their program achievements.
In that context we're very pleased that our clients have:
  • won Ministerial and Secretary achievement awards and commendations for program performance, and
  • achieved high levels of appreciation and compliance from the communities whose projects and programs they support.

Chief Executive Officer

Anita Eglitis
Anita Eglitis has been the CEO of eGov since October 2007, and a director since August 2006.

Anita has over 20 years' experience in senior executive and professional roles in the private and public sectors. Her experience spans infrastructure and major projects, investment banking, private equity, economics and public policy.

Anita's qualifications include an MA in Economics from Cambridge University.